• We guarantee you the best vision possible. If you don’t feel you have the best vision possible then we’ll find out why and take steps to fix it.
  • If your Options Eyecare specs are damaged beyond repair within 2 years, then we’ll pay 50% of the replacement cost.

We have recently implemented a set of guarantees that provide you with ‘peace of mind’ when dealing with Options Eyecare.

Our aim with these guarantees is to empower our team and allow them to deal with a great majority of any concerns you might have on the spot. So when you walk into any of our practices you can have faith that you will be dealt with in a professional and timely manner. Our mission requires that we provide the best possible eyecare and most suitable product for your individual needs, and if for any reason there is an issue; we will work towards a resolution that ‘makes you see like you never thought you could’.

Our guarantee’s have no double speak, or any hidden messages.

Options Eyecare offers you a peace of mind guarantee so that you have one less thing to worry about.


  • Options Eyecare will pay the first 50% of replacement costs of spectacles that have been purchased from Options Eyecare on or after 01 May 2010. This applies to a COMPLETE pair of spectacles or sunglasses, not if for example you purchased a frame elsewhere and we fitted lenses. The frame or sunglass as well as the lenses have to have been purchased from Options Eyecare.
  • The 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on spectacles and prescription sunglasses still applies. Our ‘Peace of Mind’ guarantee is something EXTRA that we offer.
  • Options Eyecare will only pay the first 50% of replacement costs ONCE per pair of spectacles/prescription sunglasses.So, if you scratch a R lens within 2 years of the original purchase date we will replace it at ½ price once. If you then scratch a L lens within the 2 years of the original purchase date we will still replace it at ½ price once. Only once though so you can’t scratch the same lens twice or break the same arm twice! This guarantee covers the whole of your spectacles so, worst case, if they get run over by a car (hopefully not while you’re wearing them) then we will replace them to the same value once within 2 years of the original purchase date.
  • If we are unable to replace the exact frame and lens then they will be replaced with frames and/or lenses of equivalent standard and value. Please note you will pay ½ the cost of the new product up to the original price. So, if the new frame and lenses are less expensive then you will pay ½ of RRP amount for that set of spectacle which will be less than your original purchase price. If, however, you choose a frame and lens that is more expensive product than your original then you will pay ½ the cost of the original purchase as well as then any extra up to the RRP of the new purchase.